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I got an Anran H.264 DVR/NVR to replace a fried ELEC CCTV system. I connected everything and powered up the system. The Anran logo screen comes on and then after about a minute, the screen goes black. I cannot access the menu or view any of my cameras. The VGA cable is connected correctly because I can see the Anran logo at first. None on the buttons on the DVR do anything that I can see. The power light is illuminated and the REC light is also illuminated. What can I do to see the video in real time and access the menu to set the settings on thios device(8/30/2016)


Hi! I have one Ar-VDB221-wifi and I have issues with IP,,, No IP for this cam was working before and now when I connect with Ethernet cable ip not showing... Thanks(8/29/2016)


Hello, I have forgotten my password and removing the battery for 2 hours dose not reset the machine to factory standards. How do I get back into the system ? It is a 2TB, 8ch, black DVR box and came with 8 PTZ cameras.(8/29/2016)


I have anran h.264 4ch-ir camera and when i view what it has on the hard drive,it says(no signal)what is wrong.(8/25/2016)


Hello I have the 24nw-ip model and I dont know the Ip address pf any of the three cameras. How can one get them to be reset to factory defaults? How can I reach them and config them? Please Help(8/25/2016)


1.0 Megapixel HD 720P Outdoor IR Network IP Security CCTV Camera. Item: 13070123452812... Is there a hard reset button. Can not access cameras with any software to reset them.(8/12/2016)

Phil Sloan

How do I set the ip address on the ar-ptd22-poe?(7/23/2016)

Phil Sloan

I bought a ar-ptd22-poe. how do i set its ip address? does not work. (7/21/2016)

Nat D

Is there a way to hard reset Item#:13070123452800 (AR-VGB101-Wifi)? I set new password but now cannot recall what it was.(7/20/2016)


hey whats the default passwword, i never set one but maybe st itsellf how do i erase or pass this problem(6/21/2016)


Every time we leave the playback screens the regular screen is dark and requires a reboot. (6/16/2016)


V1016 Unit has blinking red light, does not boot(6/1/2016)


camera AR-24NR-wifi does not conect the network, haow to do factory reset?(5/31/2016)


camera AR-24NR-wifi does not conect the network, haow to do factory reset?(5/31/2016)

mikael pettersson

forgot my password for Anran system, can you please help me with super password?(5/26/2016)


I have a 4 2.0 Megapixel cameras Item#:14020900423500 and they freeze every few minutes.Do you have any newer FW?(4/14/2016)


hi i have lost ip for my camera i need to reset it to factory default camera name AR-24W-100-IP-PAL H.264 Mega Pixel IP Camera(4/11/2016)


I have been trying to make contact since 13th March but nobody has got back to me via direct email, so I will try this. Hi I recently bought a H.264 Mega Pixel IP camera s/n 201512187092933 and it was working excellently. I took it with me to a friends house whose router could not use ip So I changed the settings to but must have done something wrong, as I am now totally locked out. Is there a way of resetting to factory settings please, either software or hardware? Kind regards Mark (3/28/2016)

Germo Aager

ANRAN AR-PTD22-Wifi H.254 Mega Pixel IP Camera Problem camera not roatating. When i plug it on it moves. But when it stopes i cant rotati it it simplt dont work any more ROATATION. What i need to do. How can i Reset?. Or upgrade to fix this problem. Evry thig elses wroks but cant rotat manualy.(3/23/2016)

George Coyle

Hi there i lost the cd that was with my anran cctv camera AR-PTD22-POE(3/21/2016)

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